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Women Caught in the Crossfire: One Woman's Quest for Peace in South Sudan

WOMEN CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE is a call to bear witness to the power of individual and collective resilience, not only in the context of one woman’s life but in the life of a nation. It challenges preconceived notions about strength and vulnerability, poverty and wealth, showcasing the spirit of women who, like Abuk, face adversity together – armed with strength, humility, and the shared determination to create a better future – one difficult day at a time.

“When you see someone that’s weaker than you, you cry in the name of that person. You will tell others what happened to them. I am writing a book that will be here even after I leave this world. It is a teaching book. People will read it and they will feel what war suffering can do to a people. They will tell the ones who are fighting to stop.

Women Caught in the Crossfire

“I have told you my story as I have lived it and remember it … I do not see that there is a good life in war. If there is a good life from it, it has taken great effort to get that better life. This is true for all of us, not me alone.”

Abuk Makuac embodies love in community, wrought into her at great cost in the refugee camp, a love of community that is critical to any people’s survival and growth.

“Now I am working alongside thousands of other women throughout all the places where war has scattered us. We are working together to heal our country’s heart, to bring harvests to desolated land, to teach trade and peace side-by-side. But while we are building, others are still tearing down…”

WOMEN CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE stands at a turning point in our collective history, as the world slowly wakes up into a time when war will no longer be seen as glorious, but will be known for what it is, when the suffering of millions will no longer be accepted as “collateral damage,” but the value of each human life will be known. Until then, we invite you to have a Look Inside and begin your journey into this human life.

Abuk survived an arranged marriage, a war, and isolation in a remote refugee camp where every day was a battle just to live. Her beautifully written account reveals behind-the-frontlines struggles of women and children to survive, and the power of women uniting. A timeless and riveting read.
— Judy A. Bernstein

— Judy A. Bernstein, author of Disturbed in their Nests: A Journey from Sudan’s Dinkaland to San Diego’s City Heights.

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