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One Woman’s Quest for Peace in South Sudan

Discussion Guide

When elephants fight, the grass suffers.”    – African proverb

WOMEN CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE is a grassroots history of women and children’s lives during South Sudan’s war for independence and its subsequent attempts at nation building. More than a personal memoir, it is an eyewitness account of:

  • forced displacement and migration
  • mother and child survival in wartime
  • female pathways of post-traumatic resilience
  • women’s status in a post-colonial, divided state
  • the influence of women in nation building
  • the human cost of war


For this reason, a Discussion Guide is provided for educators at both high school and university levels as well as for interested leaders of study groups or book clubs. 

The guide is in no way exhaustive but should help spark ideas and additional questions in the minds of educators and group leaders.

For additional resources on the historical and cultural context of this narrative, Recommended Reading, Movies, and Websites are included at the end of the guide.

To download a copy of the Discussion Guide, click here: Discussion Guide Download